Sliding table saw
Sliding table saw
woodland machinery

Buying this machine, dust exhausting system

WOODLAND MACHINERY DC9030 only 280 Eur (EXW Jonava, Lithuania)

Technical data:

Type MJ6132TA

Dimension of sliding table-  3200x375mm

Gross cut capacity-  3200mm

Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence –  1250mm

Saw blade diameter –  400mm

Height of cut (90°) –  125 mm

Height of cut (45°) –  115 mm

Speed of main saw spindle –  4500/6000rpm

Main spindle diameter –  30mm

Tilting saw blade –  0-45º

Saws lifting, up and down, electrical control.

Main motor –  5,5 Kw

Scoring saw blade diameter –  120mm

Speed of scoring saw blade –  7000-8000rpm

Scoring saw diameter –  20mm

Scoring motor –  1,1 kW

Transport dimensions –  3200x1000x1100mm

Weight –  900 Kg